Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miscellaney, V12 I37

I had an exhausting day at work today, but somehow got fired up at school tonight (maybe it was the Energy Vitamin Water?) and now I can't sleep even though it's 12:15am and I have to be up in about six-and-a-half hours.

What to do?

1. Think about how enjoyable cost accounting is. Already took the class last summer through the Harvard Extension School, but UMB wouldn't waive it for me so I have to take it again. I really love this material. I love digging down into the pennies when it comes to analyzing how to price services/products appropriately. Makes me wonder if I should be working for a manufacturing organization (cough cough... a car company...)

2. Ponder my bizarre dream(s) last night. Without getting into specifics, my most vivid dream combined the town of Roslindale's ever-classy Pleasant Cafe restaurant, Port-a-potties, ghetto fabulous females with giant be-jeweled nails, and intricate, involved, difficult hairstyles. Yeah, you can do the Freudian math on that one.

3. Failblog. Love it!

OK, time to sign off on this. A&E just started another re-run of Intervention that I'm now going to have to watch (it's one of those shows that just pulls me in...). I'll close by eating my own words, wherein I always said I would never be a Mac person, and I'll just state that while I will always need a PC-based computer for my job (Excel, etc), having a Mac for web-browsing etc and personal use has been amazing for the past couple of weeks. I really do love it. So there, Gary, you were right -- and I'm happy to have joined the dark side :)

Even better? I started decorating my new laptop with some funky stickers. I'll post a picture soon.

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